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Helpful Hack for Spring Cleaning that Will Save You Money and Make Cleaning More Easier

Winter’s over! Say hello to the sweet breeze air of spring season. Are you ready to blow dandelions and smell the fragrance of flowers that bloom in your backyard? Many are excited in this wonderful season because the weather is perfect for any outdoor activities you have However, spring doesn’t mean you need to stay most of the time outside your home. It is also time for you to stay inside your home and clean the stuff you have racked up last winter. If you think you can’t handle a general cleaning of your house, you better a help from professionals.

YBH Cleaning Service is a Chicago based maid service that employed certified maids to get your home clean and organized. They ensure you a squeaky clean and fresh home when you get back from work, business and from your outdoor activities. But keep in mind that it’s still better if you handle the cleaning of your personal stuff like your closet. Read further for these helpful tips you might want to try over weekend.

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Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips to make your dwelling shine.

Closet Cleaning Hack

Does this sound familiar? You haven’t worn that bridesmaid dress in over a decade but it’s still taking up real estate in your closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year or more, it’s time to donate. It’s hard, we know! But think of all that space for new spring dresses and shirts. And if you have a few pieces that fall into the “maybe” category, do the hanger test. Rotate all of your hangers to face backward. After you’ve worn the item, turn the hanger outward. By the end of the warm season, you’ll see which pieces of clothing were never worn and are therefore ready to toss into the donation pile.

Vent Cleaning Hack

After a winter with the heater going full blast, your vents might need a little TLC before cranking on the A/C. How are you supposed to get into those thin slits, though? A useful spring cleaning hack is wrapping a butter knife in a damp cloth or paper towel (add a drop of cleaning solution) and swiping left and right in each slot to cut down on the dust. And if the baseboards under the vent need a quick clean too, use a microfiber cloth to do a quick wipe down of any grime.

Dishwasher Cleaning Hack

You clean your dishes, but what about the dishwasher itself? If you can’t remember the last time Ol’ Swirly got so fresh and so clean, give this cleaning hack a whirl: Empty out the machine, place a bowl of vinegar on the top rack, and wash on the highest temperature setting. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom and wash again. This should help eliminate odors while getting your washer as clean as your china.


These cleaning hacks are worth to remember, it doesn’t need a maid service in this case. You might want to try it on your days off. In additional to that are the things listed below that you can add on your cleaning hacks.

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Despite a long and seemingly endless winter, the sun is back out and Spring is here which means long walks outside, dinners out on the patio, and of course,spring cleaning! These two words have the potential to instil a sense of overwhelming fear in a lot of people, as they think of all the dust and junk that has compiled in their homes over the winter. Luckily, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, it can be very easy and highly satisfying if you just follow these tips:

Make a checklist:

In order to stay on track and ensure that you hit every corner of the house, you should make a checklist of everything that needs to get done before even starting. This can help you formulate your game plan, and delegate jobs amongst your family. Plus, as you complete more and more tasks, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your checklist shrink right before your eyes.

Some tasks that often get forgotten, include dusting light bulbs, cleaning lightbulbs, and wiping down windows (both inside and out).

Restock Home Cleaning Supplies

There’s nothing worse than gearing yourself up to finally clean those windows upstairs and realizing you’re fresh out ofwindow cleaner. Be sure to stock up on all the supplies you’ll need, including all-purpose and window cleaner,  sponges and scrub brushes, a clean mom, and specialty products that may be needed to remove mildew and rust from bathroom tiles and sinks.

Clean One Room at a Time

Going from room to room while you’re cleaning is a sure fire way to get distracted and miss important tasks. Stick to one room, and clean it from one end to the other, top-to-bottom before moving on to the next. You’ll also experience a big sense of satisfaction a lot quicker when you get to check an entire room off your list!

Spread the Job Out and Take Regular Breaks

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a gruelling 12-hour marathon of mopping and scrubbing. Spread your to-do list out over a few days to divide up the workload. It might take a bit longer, but you’ll be a lot less overwhelmed and will most likely do a better job cleaning because of it! If youaregoing to be tackling the majority of your cleaning over one period of time, don’t forget to set a timer and allow yourself 10-15 minute breaks.

For more cleaning hacks, check the video below for more of useful cleaning tips!

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These helpful tips are so easy but when cleaning gets tough, call and their certified maids will handle all those stubborn dirt from every corner of your house. They guarantee a germ-free home which is always on top of their list.



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