Cleaning Mistakes

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Common Cleaning Mistakes You Should Not Be Doing Properly

Cleaning is a part of our day-to- ay activy to keep our away the dirts and mess inside our house. It is proven that cleaning reduces health risk and safety hazards, and doing so regularly helps wards off pest. However, cleaning should be done properly because the process itself will cause damage to your stuff or property if you clean it the wrong way. So better have enough ideas for when it comes to proper cleaning techniques because it’s not just about wiping, sweeping and washing.

The YBH Cleaning Service knows all the proper cleaning techniques, they have professional cleaners to do this job perfectly. They are aware of the do’s and don’ts of cleaning. Here’s a tip for you to avoid common household cleaning mistakes.

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If you are unsure whether or not your cleaning style is costing you extra work or actually making things less clean, here are 5 cleaning mistakes you will want to avoid.

Scrubbing spills out of the carpet.Most people when they spill that glass of wine or cranberry juice on their beautiful carpet immediately run for the rag and the club soda and begin scrubbing away. However, this is highly counterproductive. Scrubbing carpets actually begins to unravel the carpet fibres and ingrains the stain in even further, causing permanent damage.

The best course of action is to remove any surface liquid with a spoon, blot the area dry with some white paper towel or a cloth that won’t bleed and once dry, apply a stain remove to the area.

image of woman wiping a windowCleaning windows while the sun’s out.Not only are you cooped up inside, but the heat of the sun will cause the cleaning solution to dry rapidly, leaving streaks on the glass. Your best bet is to work on a cloudy day or a day when the temperatures won’t cause liquids to dry up quickly.

You’ve gone lemon juice and vinegar crazy. While organic cleaning is all the rage and lemon juice and vinegar certainly have their purposes, many people equate organic with less damage, but that’s not entirely accurate. Lemon juice and vinegar are both acids and are quite capable of damaging natural surfaces, like onyx, marble, limestone and travertine. If applied too liberally or not properly wiped down it can permanently dull the appearance of stone.

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Deodorizing the garbage disposal with coffee grounds.If you have a garbage disposal, it is necessary to deodorize it as bacteria and food particles that become trapped over time will start to smell bad. While many garbage disposal manufacturers say it’s fine to put coffee grounds into the grinder, not giving the grinding mechanism a thorough rinsing afterwards can lead to the ground actually clogging the machinery which can lead to smelly, non-functioning machinery.

cleaning material supplies in a bucketThe wrong tools for the wrong jobs.Using the wrong tool for the wrong job is usually the biggest problem within the context of kitchen cleaning. For example, the common green-backed cleaning sponge is great for the bottom of heavy-duty pots and pans or the grill, but will wreak havoc on plastic, ceramic and laminate. White-backed sponges, however, are much more gentle.




Cleaning, for most people, is not fun to begin with. It can become doubly tedious if you are creating more work for yourself and damaging thing around your house in the process. Keep in mind the above five mistakes to avoid when cleaning and be confident that you are getting the job done right and keeping your house not only clean, but in full working order. If the job seems tough for you to handle, then you better call a cleaning service that can provide you ease and convenience. Good thing, cleaning isn’t about washing and wiping, it also means organizing. Here’s a simple tips for you to try over the weekend.

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Keep a Clean Home


When the home is clean, it is one less thing to worry about on the to-do list. Additionally, when a home is messy, it’s visually stressful. Many women admit to having difficulty cooking in a dirty kitchen. The mind is pretty similar. It is harder to relax in an environment that’s messy. No one likes to see or come home to a dirty mess. Routinely, take out the trash. Vacuum or sweep the floors. Clean dishes and put them away. Clean countertops, mirrors, side tables, and coffee tables regularly. Yes, it is daunting to tackle all of these tasks at once. The best way to manage a clean home is by doing a little bit at a time on a daily basis. Assign different tasks for various days. This will help the load stay light and keep the home clean.

Light Candles

There’s something about a beautifully scented candle that adds lovely elements of elegance and sophistication to a room. Sweet and subtle fragrances are always nice to experience in a room. Choose fragrances with vanilla, citrus, or lavender tones to help unwind. Just don’t forget to blow out the candle after three or four hours and don’t leave it unattended or before falling asleep.

Take a Dip in the Hot Tub

The hot tub is a wonderful place to relax and recharge. There’s something very healing and therapeutic that comes through the power of allowing hot water to relax the body. After work, get a plush robe, a good book, a cool drink, and head out to the hot tub on the back patio. Experience the joys of peace and quiet along with the vibration of the jets and the enjoyable bubbles. It’s an excellent way to experience thorough pampering. It’s a great act of self-care and creates a fully-relaxing experience.

Keep Air Circulating

When the air is dank and musty, it’s an unhealthy environment to breathe in. In order to keep the air clean and free of toxins, regularly open the windows for 15 minutes a day. In addition to opening the windows, start growing indoor plants. Certain plants such as spider plants and peace lilies are excellent because they’re known to reduce stress, reduce fatigue, and improve overall health. They release water into the air and they’re also known to be helpful for sharpening a person’s ability to focus.

Incorporate Comfortable Pillows and Linens

Soft pillows and linens are perfectly suitable for anyone who really longs for an inviting atmosphere at home. White linens are especially easy on the eye. For those who are challenged in the area of home decor, white linens are a safe bet. Start with the white linens and white plush pillows. As time goes on, it’s nice to add accent colors like browns, blues, and grays for a relaxing ambiance. For deepening the levels of relaxation, add a sprig of lavender on top of the pillowcase. Lavender has a very calming effect on people. When it’s time to go to sleep, simply place the lavender underneath the pillow. The oils will gently seep into the fabric and enhance the quality of relaxation you experience.

There are many more tips anyone can try to increase the comfort level in a home. However, these five tips are excellent to begin incorporating as they will make a dramatic difference in the relaxation you experience at home, immediately.


Always keep in mind that a clean home is a stress-free home. You need to keep it tidy and organized. If you don’t have enough time to clean your home there’s a cleaning service to do the job. Call a professional cleaning services today like YBH Cleaning Services! They make use of certified maids who learned how to adapt perfectly to the requirements of each customer.

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