Tips on How to Clean Your Windows

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Cleaning Tips: Clean your Windows Like A Pro

Cleaning can be easy when it’s all about wiping and sweeping. If you don’t have something to do over the weekend then you better clean your windows instead. As we all know, window provides ventilation and allows air inside our home. However, together with the air are dust that sticks in the windowsill and glass.

Cleaning a window is easy but when if you plan to do a general cleaning, that’s another story. Call a certified maid of YBH Cleaning Service to help you clean your entire room. Their service are impeccable, they will leave your house squeaky clean. For a simple day to day basis, you better check these helpful tips on how to clean your windows. Read further.

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Below are 5 easy tips for keeping your windows sparkling clean!

Use the right tools.

Most people’s window-cleaning arsenal consists of some windex, an old newspaper and maybe some paper towel. These materials, however, might not be your best option. Squeegees and microfibre cleaning cloths actually get the job done much better than the aforementioned products.


Many people don’t realize just how effectively squeegees clean glass compared to paper towel and old newspapers. The suction that a squeegee creates means that you leave less liquid and grime behind and are able to cover more surface area with every stroke.

Rub around.

The main flaw with cleaning your windows with paper products is that as you rub the cleaning solution around, what you really inevitably end up doing is spreading more dirt around. If you insist on your paper to clean your windows, make sure you you are running through a fresh, clean surface with every pass you make. It can mean the difference between actually cleaning a window or redistributing dirt.

Get your technique down.

It might seem simple enough, but cleaning your windows without using the proper technique is not really cleaning them at all. Make sure whatever cleaning motion you decide to go with you keep consistent throughout the cleaning process. Starting horizontally and moving to vertical swipes and strokes is a great way to end up with streaky windows when it is all said and done.

Stick to a regular cleaning schedule.

The longer you leave your windows, the more dirt and grime builds up, the more the sun bakes it on and the harder it is to remove. If you keep to a set schedule for window cleaning, the task will be much easier every time you do it. Follow the above 5 tips and keep your windows crystal clear all year long.


In addition, to the simple steps above is the trick on how to achieve streak free clean windows. I’m sure this will be another great idea to take note of. Continue reading below.

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To get windows to sparkle, it is all about following the process and having the right tools. Here are some tips to simplify things.

Avoid the Sun

If possible, try not to clean the windows while they are in the direct sunlight. The sun makes windows dry faster. Seems like a good idea, right? Actually, it is the rapid drying that makes the streaks appear. For optimal results, glass should dry on its own. Therefore, waiting until the evening or a cloudy day to clean windows may make more sense.

Use Distilled Water

Type of water you use to clean your house does not usually make a difference, but when washing windows, it does. If you have hard water, the minerals will cause spots and streaks to appear. That is why using distilled water may be a good idea if you want the cleanest-looking windows.

Create a Vinegar Solution

There are many household staples that perform multiple functions and vinegar is one of them. Vinegar works great for cleaning windows. Create a 50/50 mixture with distilled water and vinegar and you have got a powerful cleaner. Just spray it or wipe it on as usual and you are good to go. One thing to be aware of is that vinegar does have a strong smell, so you may want to keep the fans on and the windows open.

Wipe it Away the Right Way

If you have streaky windows, it may not be because of your cleaner, but because of what you are using to wipe off the cleaner. Many people use paper towels, but these are a huge no-no. They leave lint streaks that can make it hard to see out of your windows. Newspaper works best, but squeegees with smooth edges and microfiber cloths also do a great job.


If for any case you don’t have a time over the weekend to clean the windows of your home, then you better call a help from a certified maid. YBH Cleaning Services, understand what their customer needs. They will clean every corner of your home leaving no traces of dust. Call today for free quote!








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